Left to right:   Skipper, Schooner, Brigan

Left to right:   Skipper, Schooner, Brigan

In 1999, we gave up a life of sailing the oceans, and settled on the shores of beautiful Lay Lake in central Alabama.  Within months, we brought home a little ball of yellow fur, the first of many labs who have brought us such joy in this life ashore.  We named her Schooner, and all our labs since have carried names of other sailing vessels.  Schooner captured the hearts of everyone who met her with her sweet personality, her never-meets-a-stranger approach to people and other dogs, her quick intelligence, and her eagerness to participate in anything her people might want to do.  Hers was the quintessential Labrador temperament – the temperament that makes the Labrador so very special.

Here at Seachange  we believe that today’s Labrador retrievers should reflect the classical good looks of the breed standard while being capable of the versatility that has made the lab one of the most sought after working dogs and family pets in the world, all while maintaining that wonderful Labrador temperament.  Our dogs are sometimes referred to as “English labs.”   (Actually all Labradors are descended from English dogs.) This term usually refers to dogs that are bred for the blockier heads, thicker coat, and the otter tail – characteristics that are sought after for the show ring.  English labs/show labs also tend to have calmer dispositions, compared to very high drive dogs bred purely to hunt.   We do not accept the notion that those people who love labradors must choose between “fat dumb slow show labs” and “scrawny hyper crazy field labs.” We believe you can get good looks, a calm disposition, and a great hunting or working companion all in one package.  All our dogs come from champion show pedigrees and have earned performance titles in multiple activities.  They are also family pets who live in our home and sleep in our bedroom.

Equally as important as looks, working ability, and temperament, is physical soundness.  Like any other breed of dog, Labradors are subject to some inherited physical problems, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, exercise induced collapse, and certain eye conditions that can lead to blindness.  Happily, we live in the era when medical screening of breeding animals can greatly reduce or eliminate the possibility of passing on some of these terrible diseases.  Unfortunately, the tests are expensive, and not everyone breeding Labradors tests all their breeding animals.    These conditions are not usually apparent in young puppies.  The only way for a puppy-buyer to be confident that your new best buddy is unlikely to develop one of these inherited disabilities is to be certain that both parents have been screened for each condition.   Any dog used for breeding at Seachange has been tested and cleared of inheritable medical problems as recommended by the national breed club, The Labrador Retriever Club.

We are members of The Labrador Retriever Club, the Black Warrior Retriever Club, and the Birmingham Obedience Training Club

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